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How, what and why?

I have been carrying out distance healing for many years but not publishing it on my website.  It was a small line that only if you looked hard enough could you actually find it.  Most people found it wacky and weird.  I wasn't being true to myself, I felt intimidated by what others thought and so I hid it.  Over the past four years, I have worked on all sorts of people, of all ages, and had profound results.  I am not a quantum physicist so couldn't explain it but when I work it's like turning on a switch.  The room I work from becomes a haze like a mirage.  Sometimes I get a voice in my head, sometimes using intuition, other times I feel it in my own body.  

My training as a craniosacral therapist and reiki practitioner I use as a base and framework to work from.  As soon as the session starts, in fact, often before it starts, I can sense the energy in your body, the tensions and the blockages.  By recognising these, acknowledging these and giving your body permission to let it go, your body begins to feel safe and held and it will want to release.  It will want to self heal.  It wants to get back into balance; to restore itself back into health.  You may feel tingling, a pulling, an ache, a shake, heat, cold or some emotion rising.  All this needs to be welcomed and allowed to let go.

Your body is way cleverer than you realise.  Everyone is different, so I will work at the pace you feel comfortable with.  I will help you along the way, not only in the sessions but in between; by whatever mode of communication you prefer.

Finally, an important aspect of my work is the spiritual side of things.  I feel connected, protected and directed by my team of spiritual advisors.  I am blessed and honoured to work with them.  I hope my team of angels and guides will help me connect with yours.  Together wonderful things can happen.

I thank them every day for I am doing what I love.